Will's Wisdom

by Will Limón

Enlighten Your Life

When you think about it, life is made of mundane moments.  Ordinary tasks take up most of our time: at work, driving—to and from work, the store or to pick up the kids—cooking, cleaning, laundry, maintaining the yard and the car.  I don’t have to tell you.  But there’s magic in these everyday activities, a greater magic then we often realize.


Millions of people around the world struggle to find adequate drinking water and nourishing food.  Some in our own communities have poor housing or no housing at all.  Hospitals have their share of stricken children and ailing adults.  Yet, if we’re diligent, and lucky, we avoid these afflictions and experience the grace to live lives in which we spend time in routine activities that may be boring.  More people should have lives in which the greatest struggle is to avoid the humdrum of what must be done.


The next time you’re tempted to curse Monday because it’s so far from the weekend, or bemoan a trip to the store because you want to do something else, stand back.  Enjoy the magic of having a life where you can be bored.  Be thankful for healthy children, enough food and water to thrive, and more-than-adequate shelter.


There’s a Buddhist saying that goes something like this: “Before enlightenment—chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment—chop wood, carry water.”  Being truly grateful for what you have is enlightenment indeed.





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