Will's Wisdom

by Will Limón

Surrender to the Flow

Our culture promotes achievement.  While it’s admirable to pursue goals, all too often we do so with needless struggle and stress.  Instead, take a cue from nature.  Learn to “go with the flow.”

The wind blows without restraint.  Following the course of least resistance, rushing air finds its way through the trees and between cracks of stone with ease.  It does not linger by obstacles but goes around them.

Following the pull of gravity, water washes down slopes over rocks and boulders, through old channels and onto new ground.  It doesn’t spend its time in pools to ponder the frustrations of its flow.  Rather, it rises to the height of the bank, and then overflows around any obstruction.  It runs to its destination not from struggle but from the natural movement of its energy.  A stream does not demand what river or lake or ocean it may fill.  Rather, it tends to the motion of its nature and lets the rest be as it may.

The great French writer, Victor Hugo, wrote, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  Find the ideas whose times have come in your life.  Initiate the flow and ride those waves.  And, like wind and water, be persistent.  You will discover the energy of nature mirrored in your own life.



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