What I See...

A mountain perspective by Forrest Whitman

I See Lou Bunche Day Rolling Down main Street

It's always the day before Father's Day and it celebrates the most famous madame ever in Central City. The Sporting House gals are getting their fish net stockings ready and the Dandy Dans are working on their rakish hats. They 'll all dance the night way. Of course the bed races will be the afternoon feature. Groups will put their sporting house gal and their dandy Dan on a bed and race down Main Street just for fun.

I see Father's Day coming up

I see where one mountain Dad is not asking for anything this year, except time. I see him getting a different job so he can spend time with his kids and wife. I see that as a new Father's Day tradition.

I see “Gabe in the morning” getting talked up

I saw an interesting slant on news programs as I sat in a Nederland coffee house last Monday. “Wake up to politics” is a daily newsletter that comes in your messages along with your usual e-mails. I see it there every morning from Gabe Fleisher. The thing I see as unusual is that he's only 15.

I see yard sales everywhere

I see more yard sales than ever this year. Those signs are out, but I want to see you, not rear end you. Careful when you brake for one. Of course I see everyone in our mountains reading the sale pages right here in The Mountain Neighbor.

I see the creeks are up

I see where that great snow year we've had leads to more water than usual down here. I see where it's good to be careful getting into any water.

That's What I See For June. What do you see?

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