What I See...

A mountain perspective by Forrest Whitman

I See lots of evidence of holiday good cheer

Whether I'm in line at the grocery store, or having a quick drink with friends at the coffee shop or bar, I see lots of smiles. The good cheer this time of year is pretty infectious.

I see mountain folks reaching out to homeless and immigrant folks

Especially this cold winter I see this happening for so many homeless programs so many ways.  I see lots of mountain folks reaching out to refugees too whether they flee the Central American death squads, or Syria's war, or from many other places.

I see that we do this on line more often than in person anymore. I see where that sentiment does not include the Grinch who stole the white house, but the American people are still reaching out to help the immigrants.

I see local crafty presents

I see more and more mountain folks buying a present made locally. The book store in Nederland has a nice selection of local authors too. It's fun to give that hand made item, or local inspiration.

I see, sadly, more red flags up

I see where we don't seem to have a fire season anymore. Red flag warnings, even in December, keep happening. I see mountain folks respecting those forest fire warnings and doing no outside burning, watching the hot parts on snow mobiles, not smoking and so on.

See the mountain holiday beatitudes shared


Blessed are kids, faces shining in anticipation for the big morning

Blessed is old Santa reading to kids at the Gilpin Library story hour

Blessed are folks loading up the car for the food & toy share site

Blessed are mountain neighbors hugging though their parkas

Blessed are casino folks smiling at the seniors getting off the bus

Blessed are mountain folks putting out bird feed in the snow

Blessed are all dogs who talk to us on Christmas Eve

Blessed are we all who never doubt the magic of the season

Blessed are all who read The Mountain Pages and smile



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