What I See...

A mountain perspective by Forrest Whitman

I see everybody on the trail

It's a good time to hike to a higher elevation. Yes, it is a drought in much of the state. Yes, fire restrictions are in place. But, it's still good to hike. Even if you're more of a stroll taker than hiker there are splashing mountain streams and columbines blooming and golden banner too. Those flowers are waiting.

I See Mtn. Beatniks Rejoicing!

I see an odd revival of Jimmy Morris poems and other beatnik era publications. The gray hair atop mountain folks from the Beatnik era is pretty gray these days, but Jimmy Morris is still remembered here.  I see a few beer bottles and “medical marijuana” are placed on his grave in Dory Hill Cemetery after drinks at Dostal Alley on his birthday, July 16.  I see a few of the young getting interested in Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg and other beat poets like Gregory Corso. I see how they all paid tribute to poet Jimmy, who lived just off South Beaver Rd. Old beatniks never die they just groove on!

I See Fun Mountain Cultural Events All Around

I see the yellow roses blooming in Central City so it must be opera season. I see where critics from around the world call it the “most intimate and lovely setting for opera ever.”  I see it (and hear it) as the jewel of the mountains. I see that the Gilpin County Arts Assn. displays interesting works all summer long. That's in the oldest public building in Colorado, the old territorial miner's court across the street.

I see big politics coming

President Trump gets to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice. The question is: Will the Democrats do to him or her just what the Republicans did to the Democrats and not let the nominee come to a vote  before an election. Should be interesting.


That's What I see for July; What About You?


Remember: 'Tis a privilege to live in the mountains in July!





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