The Holistic Homestead

by Arwen Ek


 Kate Miller and Katy Able (with Arwen Ek behind the camera) at our greenhouse elixir tasting party at Alpine Botanicals last night! Believe it or not, it took the three of us two hours to perfect six amazing recipes for our Magical Elixir Mixer party/fundraiser happening THIS Friday from 3 to 8 pm at Alpine Botanicals on First Street in Nederland!


The Homestead’s favorite mixed drink is an ambrosial blend of our Mountain Mama Bitters (nettle, red clover, raspberry leaf, mugwort, yarrow, and motherwort) with our famous Dandy Blossom Cordial and Raspberry sparkling water.

Our totally unique mixed drink menu also includes a delightful take on a “Gimlet” called “Gaia Gimlet” with organic gin, rose cordial, fresh squeezed lemon, tulsi extract, and rose hip, orange peel and fennel bitters!


This is our first year putting on this Solstice Weekend Kick-Off fundraising party, and it’s sure to become a tradition! Don’t miss it! Click here for details.



The Holistic Homestead is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation based in Gilpin County with a mission to increase health literacy, build healthy communities, and advocate for the medically under-served. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest headlines in health and wellness!



Working Hard to Find the Perfect Recipe

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