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Article by: Deb D’Andrea

Shedding, My Fur Factory

December has once again snuck up and surprised me.  Just where did 2017 go?  Here at 4TheLuvOfDogz we’ve had a wonderful year, meeting new furry friends and saying good bye to others.  2017 has been quite the year of accomplishments, and I am honored to have had the pleasure of getting to know so many of you, to be brought into your homes, and to have met such wonderful furry companions.  Now on to 2018, may the New Year bring you all you ask for!

During the holiday season, please remember that this time of year can be incredibly stressful on our pets, with people coming and going, festivities and loudness all around, being left alone for longer than usual, and lots of tasty morsels at nose level.  The holidays are when most trips to the emergency room occur due to consumption of items not pet friendly.

As you set up for company, keep in mind items should be above nose level to help minimize access to anything, and keep a sharp eye on trash cans that are easily accessible, especially which contain cooked bones.  Oddly, one of the number one items that pets get into is human medicine left in luggage on the floor.  So if you have company staying with you, be sure to mention if they have anything to put it up out of harm’s way.

With all this excitement, sometimes they may get an upset stomach or be a bit more nervous.  Keep an eye on them if you notice a change, and if needed, a trip to the Veterinary may be in order to ensure they’re ok.  With my girls, Tiki and Bear, they love the holidays, the commotion and being part of the fun; but I always let everyone know, no table scraps for them, they eat plenty well!

Have a great holiday season, be safe and Happy New Year!  Till next time...


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