Henry Hawley's Diary

compiled by Betsy Buck


 Confidence in “Old Abe”



January 21st Monday.  I went over on the Kent Co to where everything appears dull.  I think the thing will be closed before long.  Perhaps any one reading this will think that we were poor business men for not closing sooner, but when I tell them that we have fifteen or sixteen hands who can not be turned off without either money or provisions when we can manage to board them and run the rusk of our next quarts yielding more or until they can get suitable places to work else where.  Mr. Boice is running for sheriff.  We all went down and voted for him. Considerable excitement and a number of men decently tight.  Took John and I until 9 o’clock to find the cattle again.


January 22nd Tuesday. Smith bought a claim on the Kent co for which he agrees to pay $1000 for.  George and I went down on the Boon where if we had not done as much work I would be giving it up but perhaps we may strike something in a few days.


January 23rd Wednesday.  This is one of those windy days that keeps a fellow in the house.  I wrote some letters and read as long as I could see.  I notice that they are having a warm time in the south about the presidential election and talk of some of the states secceeding.  I think old Abe will put them on the square March 4th.


January 24th Thursday.  George and I drawd up a fine lot of wood and done some washing.  A number of the boys were over to see what was going to be done as they said they were little afraid that they would not get their pay but they left perfectly satisfied in that respect.  Went to prayer meeting in the eve.


January 25th Friday.  Very cold and windy.  John and myself went over on the Kent Co with the intention of settling all up and giving the lease up.  We soon found that we were $500 in debt to the hands.  Could do nothing with Smith, therefore we left not at all satisfied.  George and I had a great debate in the evening.


January 27th Sunday.  Attended church twice and took a part.  Had quite an argument in the evening with George about the literal heart being changed before a person can become a Christian.  John and myself on the negative.   We stopped the thing unsettled as none of us would give up.  I retired thinking of home and friends and how long it would be before I could again be with them which was also not determined.








Betsy Buck discovered Hawley’s original diary in the library of the Colorado Historical Society in Denver.


Henry James Hawley

1839 - 1923

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