Henry Hawley's Diary

compiled by Betsy Buck


 Starting to Blast



November 15th  Thursday.  Got up and went after the oxen before breakfast.  Hired a hand to drive them at $20 a month.  Several Mill Men were after our quarts to smash, did not promise any.  Wrote  letters in the evening.


November 16th  Friday.  Snowed hard and steady all day which is  rather disagreeable as we all worked as usual.  We had to blast for  the first time today.  John not very well.


November  17th  Saturday.  A beautiful day.  The weather changes very  sudden in the Mountains.  The boys both sick today.  I worked as  usual.  The oxen drawed house logs to build a house over on the Kent  Co which Smith is attending to.  Read the Rocky Mountain News in the evening.


November 18th  Sunday.  Our cabin seems to be a regular rendezvous  for a number of gents as there are always about a dozen in,  especially on Sunday.  Then I did not add much to my mental faculties  in the way of politics today.


November 19th  Monday.  Snowed all day as usual.  George well  again.  Nothing worthy of not happened.  All quiet.


November 20th Tuesday.  Quiet and cold.  We engaged two different mills to do our crushing so as to give them a fair test.  Nothing to do with the team so we set the driver to chopping wood.  Cut my toe most off.


November 21st Wednesday.  The boys went over to help raise the cabin on the Kent Co.  We intend to board our hands.  I went after the cattle at noon to draw quarts and commenced drawing.  The weather resembles Wisconsin winters.


November 22nd  Thursday.  It snows regular every third day therefore it is snowing today.  Grim drove my team to draw quarts and got about done.  Read the ancient History in the evening.  Wind blowing.


November 23rd  Friday.  This A. M. puts me in mind of the storm on the plains.  As the wind is blowing a hurricane carrying snow, gravel and good size sticks with it and it is very cold.  We did not think of going out doors as it is hardly safe.  Several stoped in to warm.  At dark there was hardly any snow to be seen as it had all blowed away.





Betsy Buck discovered Hawley’s original diary in the library of the Colorado Historical Society in Denver.


Henry James Hawley

1839 - 1923


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