Henry Hawley's Diary

compiled by Betsy Buck


 Cabin on Fire



January 28th  Monday.  John and I took up our beds and walked over on the Kent Co to see if we could not straiten things up a little with the boys.  Turned out two hands and took their places.  I worked half of the day and night, the first night work I ever did.  I had almost as soon be in prison.


January 29th  Tuesday.  I went after some provisions, saw George at

Whipple.  We were taking out the quarts quite fast by the cord instead of by the halves.  No mail.


January 30th.  A hard place to get any sleep in as the cabin sets over the lode and they are blasting steady all night. Nothing exciting,.


January 31st  Thursday.  Got up and went to see George. Found him on the John lode which we have rented.  We do not intend to give up any thing but Smith.  If one thing does not pay we will try another and so keep doing.  Went and got tools sharpened.  Good by Mr. Jan.


February 1st  Friday.  This month comes in quite cold and the snow

fell during the day.  We all worked as usual during the day and night. Had a  little fun at noon with a Missourian who was very ancious to whip some one but came to the wise conclusion to cave in.


February 2nd  Saturday.  John and I throwed off our chains and left

the Kent Co and returned to our comfortable cabin P.M.  Election in the gulch for recorder as a few were not satisfied or in other words wanted the office but Fasset Jr. was the choice of the people. Went to meeting in the evening, heard a very good sermon.  Retired  well contented with our weeks work.


February 3rd  Sunday.  Nothing exciting to day...no meeting therefore quite dull as I never visit saloons only to see and not to indulge. Therefore I stayed at home.  Went to meeting in the evening and when we returned found that our cabin had been on fire but fortunately some kind gent happened along just in time to save it or we would have been turned out of bed and home.


February 4th  Monday.  Windy and cold.  We commenced work on the John Lode.  We have one hired  hand Alex who worked with me.  John went over to straiten up things on the Kent.  John got a parcel of letters including a dossin or two liknesses.


February 5th  Tuesday.  We fixed up the chimney A. M. that got burned down on Sunday evening.  P. M. everything received its usual attention.





Betsy Buck discovered Hawley’s original diary in the library of the Colorado Historical Society in Denver.


Henry James Hawley

1839 - 1923

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